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Featuring Experts who have traveled this journey,
offering their first-hand experience and wisdom,
and reaching out their hands to help us break through our walls of silence...
... and heal.

Licia Berry
Monday, April 23

Speaker, Artist, Women's Advocate, Author of #1 International Best-Seller, I Am Her Daughter - The Healing Path to a Woman's Power, and creator of the Daughters of Earth Program.

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Nkem Ndefo
Tuesday, April 24

MSN, CNM, RN, Founder of Lumos Transforms, creator of The Resilience Toolkit. Skilled Practitioner, Dynamic Speaker, Valued Strategist, Nourisher of one's innate capacity for healing.

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Svava Brooks
Wednesday, April 25

Svava Brooks, an Abuse Survivor Coach, a Certified TRE® Provider, blogger & Author of best seller Journey to the Heart, 365-Day Guide to Thriving after Trauma. 

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Robyn McTague
Thursday, April 26

Master Holistic Healer, Author, Teacher, Numerologist, Motivational Map Practitioner, Creator of A Life of Choice coaching. Combining psychology and conflict resolution with metaphysics.

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Lisa Hare
Monday, April 30

Transpersonal Psychologist, Kinesiologist, Energy &  Spiritual Healing Practitioner, Somatic Therapist and International Trainer. Founder of the Australian College of Vibrational Healing.

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Tuesday, May 1

ALANI, the Freedom Igniter, Author, Speaker, Advocate for Liberation and Non-Oppression. Creator of the A.L.A.P. Method and BRIDGE Method, helping clients go from Tragedy to Triumphancy. 

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Joan Brooks
Wednesday, May 2

Training Director of the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Program of Philadelphia, Practitioner of Rubenfeld Synergy, Body Wisdom and Trauma Healing Master. 

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Marta Luzim
Thursday, May 3

Psychospiritual Therapist/Healer, Meta-physician,  Next Level Trauma Practitioner, Published Novelist, Playwright. Founder of Give Her A Voice, and Writing Like A Madwoman (TM). 

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Carla Wynn Hall
Monday, May 7

4-time #1 International Bestselling Author, creator of the Write Brain Learning System, a Breakthrough System for helping women release painful stories that turn into timeless books.

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Lilian Warman
Tuesday, May 8

Yoga instructor, Intuitive Coach, trained in Malaysia in Feng Shui with Lillian Too - the only female Feng Shui master in Asia. Studying with Karen Parker for her Healing by Human Design certification.

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Donnalea Goelz
Wednesday, May 9

Somatic Psychology, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, Executive Director of Continuum Movement®, Chair of the ECD Initiative
for research in somatic movement arts.

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Dalzenia Sams
Thursday, May 10

Author, Painter and Artist for Peace. Creator of Global Galleries for Peace.  Committed to unfolding a potent conversation and movement for change with the intent of creating world peace.

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Anthousa Helena
Friday, May 11

Founder of SOLLITE Integrative Medicine, Holistic Medical Approach. Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Massage Therapist, Doctorate in Divinity specialized in Spiritual and Energy Psychology. 

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I kept hearing the questions:


“Why would people wait so long
to speak up about abuse?"

"Why are so many coming forward now?” 

“Could this be true,
or is there an ulterior motive?”


I decided these questions
needed to be answered...


With a passion to foster
understanding and compassion
and to bring healing and harmony
to our world,

While We Were Silent 
was created.

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Debra Graugnard,
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Author, Speaker, Spiritual & Energetic Healing Practitioner (M.Div.), Creator of CAREFOR Connection Transformational Healing Process; Community for Conscious Living; Food, Weight & Feminine Power program, and more.

Join us to explore
why we stay silent after abuse,
what happens during the silence,
what is possible with personal healing,
and how individual healing can help bring about change in the culture and our world.

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